Pair of raku vases (2011), Centre for Conservation and Making,
West Dean College Collection

“These selected pieces from the studio of Jasmina Vuckovic beg to be stroked.  They are a joyous celebration of the serendipity that the ‘Raku’ process offers. ‘Raku’ technique is very unpredictable which is part of its fascination.  Anyone who has tried this art will appreciate  just how exceptional these pieces are, but even without this knowledge the quality of the work shines out.  In their deceptive simplicity they command attention.  They demonstrate what is possible with simple raw materials of earth, wood, metal, fire and water.  These elements come together via the hand of the potter  to produce beautiful tactile objects in what can best be described as a form of alchemy.”
                                                                                                                          -Mariella Baldwin, Gallery “Twenty Six”, Arundel

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